Why Natural Skin Care?

I became interested in natural skin as I started my holistic journey when Covid-19 began. Since I was wearing a mask everyday, my face began to breakout uncontrollably. As I was trying to get my acne under control, I began using natural skin products to get my skin back to the way it use to be. You must also be mindful of what you consume. I changed what I was eating and increased my water intake which, helped tremendously. At Royal Shea Beauty, we believe beauty begins within.
Our mission is to allow you to be confident in the skin your in, the natural way. 


Skin is your body's largest organ and your protective barrier. Natural products contain nurturing ingredients that enhance the texture, performance, and overall health of the skin. So, you won't have to use a lot to get great results, unlike chemical-based products. Switching to a natural skincare regimen gives you peace of mind. With natural skincare, you don't have to worry about the added chemicals you aren't sure are safe.

Natural ingredients can help protect against the sun and soothe irritated skin, so they are better for the skin overall as long as you choose the right products for your skin needs. Chemicals can cause breakouts and other skin irritation, and natural skincare products are gentler on the skin.
The skin serves as a protective barrier, but chemicals can still leak into the bloodstream even with the barrier. If you apply chemicals directly to the skin, then they can be directly absorbed. Chemicals can affect the immune system, nervous system, and reproductive system.